Web design

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What We Offer

WordPress Setup

Why use WordPress? You can have someone code you a site line by line but it’s time consuming and expensive. We use WordPress because it enables us to quickly create a beautiful, functioning site for you at a price that you can afford. We use only  WordPress Premium Themes and plugins. Premium Themes  and Plugins offer enhanced visuals and functionality along  direct developer support. This is opposed to the free versions that offer limited or community forum support and potentially lengthy response times.



Hosting and Ongoing Support

We also offer hosting, a place to store your site so people can interact with it along with ongoing monthly or annual support plans for site maintenance. This includes WordPress and plugin updates, page additions & modifications, backups and malware protection. These services would be available at no additional charge with an ongoing support plan. Plan pricing is based upon the complexity of the site and individual client needs.


Small Business

business websites

In today’s world a website is an unofficial prerequisite for any business. It lends legitimacy to your venture and is a valuable tool for sales and marketing. I see them as “always on” advertising-essentially an online billboard/business card that always announces your brand. Have you ever searched for a business on the Internet and found one without a website? Did you choose another business with one? Point made. You need a web presence and we can help you with that!


Personal Websites


Resumes only list what you do but they don’t say anything about who you are.  Personal Resume Websites allow you to express what is unique about yourself and its content can be customized at your discretion. Employers research your online presence and a personal  website conveys your full story. It has the potential to make the difference between you and the next applicant.


Portfolios are useful to showcase your skill as a photographer, writer, or graphic designer. If creativity is your strong suit then a Personal Portfolio is for you. Think of it as an online folder of your best work. Instead of carrying paper or pictures, your content is available to the world.


Blogs are great ways to express yourself and also to get attention on search engines and social media.  They enhance your mental abilities by making you think about the topics that are most relevant to you. From a business perspective they allow you to provide current and relevant content to existing and potential customers.

What We Do Not Offer

We are not  WordPress Developers and we do not customize WordPress using CSS or J-Query, nor do we manipulate the underlying code in any way.  We also do not set up or maintain personal or business site-related email due to the complexity involved. For that we recommend contacting the hosting service or a third party provider. Beyond that, the sky is the limit and if you can think it up then we can build it!